A painful Journey of a single woman pastor

Patriachy has become a thorn in the lives of women be it in the church or in society. The church is taken as the place of peace and spiritual nourishment.I thought so too untill i experienced bullying, insults and defamation of character. Being a single woman pastor in the church has become my daily life insult. I once shared on my facebook account about the position of women in the church surprisingly enough other women who read my status were flabbergasted. The question that came into my mind ” where are these women worship ? Are they really suprised or they are ignorant?” Women are not free in their churches instead they are vulnerable. I myself vulnerable as the pastor how bad it is for women on the margins. Believe us when we say in the church we do not feel safe anymore. Let us wring patriachy and establish a church that treat every human being with dignity.